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en skånsk loppisgalnings överlevnadsguide till Kinas bakgator. Garanterat glutenfri humor med stövlarna i tre världsdelar. Fick jag med allt?

Jens - I'm the Adventure Guy

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Hi, this is Jens. I've borrowed my Moms old blog to show you some photos from my new home in the U.S.
I hope you will like it!
I live in Cupertino. It's a one hour drive from San Francisco, a town famous for the very steep hills, the red Golden Gate bridge, the sea lions at the Pier and Alcatraz, an island which used to be a prison. 
Above is a picture of me, running by the coast of The Pacific Ocean. 
Alcatraz. Have you seen the old movie The Escape From Alcatraz? It's a scary movie!
Last year we did a school project about the desert. Here, I'm in the real desert! We only found one cactus. It's weird! Here we are jumping in the sand dunes. 
The views in Death Valley are very beautiful. Death Valley has a lot of records:
Lowest place in North America: 86 m below sea level.
Highest place in the States (except Hawaii and Alaska): 4 421 m.
Hottest place on Earth: 56.7°C (June 10, 1913)
This is a funny rock!
Here's a picture from my school! We have a big soccer field. My team plays every Tuesday. My American friends have family ties to a lot of different countries like Guatemala, Korea, Estonia, Russia, Italy, India, Japan and The Netherlands. Me, my sister and my brother are the only ones from Sweden (I guess).
This is my house with the lemon trees and our car! My Dad bought a Mazda, but I would rather have a Dodge. What do you think?
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